07th November in 2002: 36 financial and estate Planners from different financial institutions joined together to lay the foundation of the registered association Financial Planner Luxembourg a.s.b.l. Today, eight years later, the foundation has 96 members.

Our ambition: the establishment of two relatively new consultancy profession standards for the financial centre of Luxembourg: Financial Planning, an integral and complex professional advisory service and Estate Planning, a plenary legacy and succession planning. These new standards of advisory service contribute to a further improvement in quality of one of the most distinguished financial centres in Europe. The integration of the stringent ethic rules of the financial planning profession will be of further enrichment for the classic Private Banking client.

Furthermore, the association cultivates professional and technical communication between its members and, in the same time, offers an international network for financial institutions.

We believe that an increasingly sophisticated and complicated financial and fiscal environment with transnational assets requires an improved technical and vocational know-how of the financial consultants. Today more than ever, these – better and better informed - clients claim individual consultancy in specific financial domains. Permanently shifting business and alternating economical circumstances require a continuous adjustment of the supplied information and an ongoing studying of the professionals.

The professionals have to deal with the challenge to keep the specific knowledge in so many different domains such as taxation, real estate, foreign taxation, law, finance, etc. up to date.

This requests a permanent and disciplined studying as well as a continuous exchange between the different experts.

The organisation Financial Planners Luxembourg is determined to meet this challenge: we offer a platform of continuous studying and exchange between different experts and the organisation members. We believe that this is the key for a constant and even enhanced quality of the advisory service we offer to our clients.

With our distinct transnational understanding in international finance and estate planning we offer an international and very complete network of experts in different domains. Furthermore, we offer ample information in continuing professional education and advanced training.

You have engaged in a financial or estate planning education? Congratulations!

If you are interested in more information, even during your studies, we would be pleased to chaperon you while completing your education. This offers you the precious opportunity to benefit from an fruitful and helping communication and/or assistance with our expert-members. This exchange can make your studies an even better success.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your e-mail.