How to become a sponsor of the FPL organisation?
FPL members include individuals and companies that are dedicated to helping people make wise financial decisions to achieve their life goals and dreams. By sponsoring our organisation you support one of the most growing and prosperous business segments in financial services and mostly Private Banking and Wealth management. In the same time you benefit from valuable contacts to highly qualified experts.

Every person or institution that wants to support the organisation, can become sponsor. You either have the possibility to patronise the organisation by a donation or by sponsoring a given event, workshop or discussion forum.

The activities of the organisation are solely financed by the membership contributions – we therefore are thankful for every type of assistance.

What Benefits does sponsoring offer you?

  • You assure precious contacts to highly qualified experts in the domain of financial and estate planning
  • You account for one of the most growing business segment in financial services and Private Banking
  • In exchange for your support you may place your logo on our internet site
  • which qualifies you as an forward looking institution, with focus on constant quality improvement, especially in the innovative domains financial and estate planning
  • You have access to all the information exchanged in our network
  • You have access to our regular bimonthly meetings
  • You may participate to the meeting/workshop or forum you have sponsored

However, we have to draw your attention to the fact that even sponsoring excludes any type of exertion of influence to the association, its members, forums or the directors board.

If you are interested in sponsoring a recent, prosperous and innovative business field, you are invited to fill in the sponsoring application form and forward it to the directors’ board. We will contact you without delay.                                                   

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We look forward to your e-mail.









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